Thursday, 19 January 2012

Caught up with uni work

Just a quick post this evening before I get into bed. I have spent the past couple of days doing almost nothing apart from writing an essay that has to be in tomorrow and I have literally just finished. I have two pages in references alone - I hate referencing with a passion! Anyway, last night to cheer me up Chris took me out for a lovely italian meal - I had a beautiful lasagne with side salad and a lovely glass of wine, which for someone who drinks probably three or four times a year at the most, was very much enjoyed. I even treated myself to a pud - a chocolate melt in the middle cake type thing with a small scoop of icecream. I have managed to lose half a stone since Christmas by eating all fresh produce and making all our meals totally from scratch, and it was a bit of a treat to relax me as I have been stressing about this essay for days. I have spent almost all day writing it and finishing it off (I had an hours nap at 3pm) and finally, it is done! Yay! Now all I have to do is hand it in tomorrow. I almost fell off the wagon as I knew I didn't really have time to make a meal from scratch this evening and Chris offered to make dinner for me while I continued writing, and I am so glad he did. He made a leek and potato soup on his own which tasted absolutely delish! Not only is it a warming and filling meal, it's made up from all fresh veggies and literally nothing bad is going into your body but it seems like it's an incredibly cheap meal to make. There's enough left for another meal so I will be having it for my lunch tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it!

It wasn't quite so yellowy/green in "person" and it tasted much better than it looked!

I feel really spoilt at the moment, he's really taking care of me and doing lots for me even when I'm not asking and he's actually building me a new computer, he didn't tell me it would be a proper gaming PC until he had ordered all the bits, which should turn up tomorrow, so I should be playing The Old Republic in a much smoother quality by tomorrow night - I certainly feel like I've earned a couple of days of relaxation! Oh and this semester I have fridays off of uni, which means I get a 3 day weekend! Very happy about that!

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  1. Chris sounds like a true gem :) That soup sounds and looks delish! Good luck with your essay, I hope you get a great mark.