Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A truly awful (but apparantly hilarious) day...!

For a change, I'm going to write a post about how my day went yesterday. This is because everything seemed to go horribly wrong but all my friends and family seem to think it was hilarious! Well it wasn't for me but I'm going to share it with you all because it might put a little smile on your face.

First things first, I had an awful nights sleep for no apparant reason and I couldn't drag my ass out of bed until about 11:30, which doesn't sound that bad really, but recently I've been getting up at 8:30 at the latest and having all my housework done by 9:30. My cousin Lorna was meant to be coming over so we could see each other a last time before christmas and I was surprised when I eventually got up and checked facebook that she had apparantly been lazy and lying in bed to stupid o clock too! She's an early riser and once awake she jumps out of bed to start the day so I was really surprised that we had had the same kind of day on the very same day.

I mustered up the energy to go to Tesco and buy the bits of food that we needed, and wonderfully, the weather was awful. I parked as close to the store as I could but the rain was so heavy I ended up soaked through anyway. This past week I've been getting more and more bad tempered about going to do the shopping as it's just packed full of people aimlessly wandering around, getting in your way and not moving unless you shove them up the ass with your trolley (yes I actually do this) and generally, panicking because the shop will be shut for 1 or 2 days so loading as much bread and milk into their trolleys as possible. Anyone would think we were running out of food and fighting for the last few bits. Anyway, I got through this ordeal and after getting drenched in the rain, made my way home and changed into my pj bottoms and my fiancee's t shirt and my fluffy bed socks. Minus the majorly frizzy hair, I was very comfy.

I hadn't checked my phone for a while so had a look and realised that Lorna had sent me a text about 30 minutes before saying she was just leaving, which meant she would be here any minute, and just as I started munching on my wrap, she buzzed the door. Obviously I went and let her in, apologised for my horrible attire and she literally had time to take her coat and bag off and empty the pockets in her jeans (so it was more comfy to sit down) when the fire alarm went off. I live in a big victorian house split into 5 flats and when someone sets the fire alarm off from burning food, they usually go and turn it off straight away and warn everyone that it's not a real fire. The alarm is the loudest most awful noise you can imagine, it literally hurts your ears and my wonderful neighbours, including the twats who set it off, completely ignored it. I have never set the alarm off so wasn't 100% sure how to turn it off, and I had to assume that because nobody was evacuating the building that someone had indeed just burnt their toast but couldn't be arsed to go and turn the noise off and let everyone know that they were safe. I opened my flat door open wide and went into the communal hall to the fire alarm settings and tried to work out how to turn it off, and to my horror Lorna followed me out and shut the door behind her. Yep, we were locked out, me in my pj's with no shoes on and she left all her stuff inside the flat, including her car keys. Luckily she had left her shoes on and while I flapped around panicking, she came up with the plan. She walked all the way (about 30 mins each way) to my fiancee's work place in the pissing down rain, with no coat, in hope that he had his keys on him, if not they would have to go to the letting agents and get them to come out and let us in. While she was doing that I was sitting in the communal hallway which isn't heated, wearing no decent clothes freezing my ass off, with no way of telling the time and just hoping and praying that Loppy would be back soon. Chris, my fiancee, was very surprised and confused as to why he was told that Lorna was in reception, dripping wet asking to see him urgently. Obviously when she told him, he laughed in her face and declared us both to be "knobs" but luckily, he handed his keys over to her. She then walked back in the pissing down rain and just as I was starting to imagine that this must be what prison feels like, I heard lots of knocking at the main front door and the jingle jangle of keys, I opened the door to Lorna who had a massive smile on her face despite looking like a drowned rat and we let ourselves into the flat as quickly as we could. Luckily Lorna was wearing her slackers clothes and had a big hoody on, and when she took it off she was pretty much dry underneath. I dried her hoody off as much as I could in front of the heater and we treated ourselves to a cupcake each. It took us both forever to warm up but we did have a really good chat after it had all happened.

Although it was horrible I do have to see the funny side and of course, acknowledge that things could have been a lot worse.

1. Chris might not have had his keys.
2. I might have been desperate for the toilet.
3. Lorna could have been wearing less clothes, or even worse taken her shoes off.

I do like to see the bright side of situations and I'm pleased to say that we both saw the funny side of it even when it was actually happening. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Aww that sucks, glad you can see the funny side though.

    I've just caught up on your posts I've missed this week, and wanted to say a huge well done for your weight loss. Don't beat yourself up if you over-indulge slightly over Christmas, you've proved you can do it :-)