Sunday, 11 December 2011

Radio Play and RCU DONE

Hooray my last assignment of the year is done! Now I can officially kick back and look forward to Christmas. Well apart from the fact that I have to email my tutor with a digital version of the script and then she will be emailing them all over to the radio production students and they will be picking five or six of them to produce. I will be holding my breath hoping that mine is chosen, but if it isn't I am actually still really pleased with myself. I've had some hard times this semester and I'm really proud that I've managed to create a piece of work that I'm really proud of despite that. It doesn't need to be in by tomorrow and this time last year I was struggling to get everything done in time; a massive contrast to this year. I've been thinking long and hard about how and where I can improve and have been making tiny little changes that hopefully might make the difference. I really hope that I can get a 60 or over for this piece of work and have got everything crossed until I find out  my result in January.

So now that I have time to myself over Christmas what am I planning on doing? Working out is top of the list and I have a lovely shiny new kinect to do this with so I should have lots of fun while I do it. Being a bit of a nerd I love that I can get more gamerscore on my xbox account while I get fit. I also plan on doing some cross stitch, my Mum told me she can no longer see the holes in order to do it herself so she gave me one to do for her. She really wanted it done because it's a lovely picture of a dog that looks just like hers and she wanted it framed and on the wall at some point. I also want to get some baking done. I have my cupcake  maker as you know and I already have some recipes lined up that I want to try. There will be pics of my attempts coming up in the next few weeks.

For anyone else who has an Xbox live account my gamertag is Pink Banoffee, feel free to send me a friend request.

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  1. I would totally play with you if I hand an Xbox :) Good luck with the submission to your tutor!