Saturday, 3 December 2011

New writing tactic!

Well, this is going to sound incredibly obvious but oh well, I've had a moment of realisation! So I have an essay due in on Monday and I've been trying all week to write it but with no luck. This is mainly due to my fiance being home from work for a week and generally being loud and a distraction - always suggesting that we go do something shortly after I sit down to work. Yes this is my fault for not saying no, but still, it's annoying! The story is basically that I accidentally gave the modem a bath and now the wireless won't work! This is OK seeing as both our computers sit close enough to the modem that we don't need to use the wireless internet, but today, out of desperation I took my laptop to bed, feeling a  tad hungover after having a girls night in, and for some reason, having no internet, nobody on msn, facebook chat or twitter, I had written over half my essay within an hour! I've almost finished it now, just need to look through my kindle for some lovely quotes to finish it off. I am definitely doing this more often, not only is the quality of work better (in my opinion!), but I am writing so much quicker this way. So completely cutting myself off for an hour or two means more time to do fun things after! Sounds good to me!

Here is a picture of a lovely chocolate cake that I made while drinking last night with my cousin Loppy to brighten my blog up and make you all hungry! :) Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.


  1. This is what I need to do - disconnect from the internet. But it's so hard to tear myself away (like now)!

    Oh, and yes, that cake looks really yummy!! Hope you enjoyed it :D

  2. Hey Amanda, I know that getting yourself away from it at first seems really awful but really after an hour or two you realise how much more you get done!

    Cake was lovely thank you! x