Sunday, 4 December 2011

I love Shakespeare...

Today I finished my essay off for my critical analysis of an extract taken from As You Like It and I'm quite pleased with the finished product. I do feel a bit of a nerd enjoying my work so much but it's simply because the topic is Shakespeare. Not only are his plays a pleasure to read or watch  because there's so much going on in them and of course the language and format but also because I find him such a fascinating character! Perhaps the fact that we know very little about his personal life makes him even more interesting to me. Anyway I have downloaded a book to my kindle about him and not only is it helping me massively with my studies it's also incredibly enjoyable to read. I started off just skimming through it earlier to find a quote to reference my essay to and ended up climbing into bed, snuggling under the covers and reading much more than I was intending! I'm definitely going to read the whole thing but will have to make myself wait until I have a month off for christmas as I have a few more assingments to do before this semester is over and they'll never get done if I continue reading this book! For anyone interested in Shakespeare as I am the book is called 1599: A Year in the life of William Shakespeare and can be found on amazon here. As I am an English Literature student as well as Creative Writing I intend on doing my dissertation on Shakespeare next year and I have a feeling that this book will be massively helpful for that.

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