Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Help from writers...

I'm going to be trying to keep this post quite short as I've just been baking another cake - i'm going to visit my Mum on Thursday and she's cooking me dinner so I thought I had better make something nice for her for afters, and it's in the oven at the moment so I don't want to lose track of time and also - when I bake I tend to have a tipple or two and now I'm nicely lightheaded and easily distracted!

My point in this post is I'd like to know if any of my writer friends have always enjoyed one type or writing or do you write in more than one format? Uni makes you take all different modules and before I went I was looking forward to the prose and story writing but since I've got there I really enjoy and am good at the script writing. I'm confused as to what I want to focus on now or should I try more than one? Have you always known what you wanted to do? Or did you have to think about it and test it out? My dream was always to write books but I think it might be starting to change! I assume this is normal as we assess everything depending on what happens to us in life and doing well in and enjoying scriptwriting so much is really making me consider it as an option. If anyone has any opinions or advice then please comment I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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