Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas decorations are up

I've spent today cleaning and putting up all my christmas decorations and I actually feel worn out. Maybe it's the lack of sleep because my other half was out drinking with work mates last night and although I had a (fairly - for me!) early night he came in very loudly and making sure to cuddle me until I woke up and then he was telling me all about his lovely meal he had and how he had been drinking all night and hadn't paid for anything. So we were up for half the night just talking about what fun he had with his work mates, then I got up early and spent most of the day cleaning and making our flat look festive and now I feel just about ready to drop. I will very soon be having a bath so hot that I almost pass out when dipping a foot in and then settling down into bed. Tomorrow I'll be making the finishing touches to my radio play and writing my RCU which will be my last assignment before Christmas. I plan on doing some reading for pleasure which I'm really looking forward to and doing some writing for myself. I will have a whole month off over Christmas and I intend to do some creative things for myself - it's always much more enjoyable when you write because you feel like it instead of writing in an attempt to get a certain grade...

Whatever you're doing this weekend, whether it's quiet or busy, enjoy it. This time next week you'll be panicking about Christmas.