Thursday, 15 December 2011

Boring few days

Firstly thank you to all my new followers, especially the ones who have followed me when I haven't written anything remotely about my writing for a few days! I've had a boring few days not really doing much, The Old Republic is now open for me to play and I don't even really feel like it. My partner yesterday said that he felt really unwell and so off we went to stock up on the cold and flu capsules and we've both been drinking shed loads of orange juice in an attempt to get some vitamin C and hopefully stay well. Tonight we were watching telly and I fell asleep on the "gaming chair" (it is ridiculously comfy..!) while clutching a hot water bottle and woke up about an hour later feeling like total shit.

Painkillers taken and a curry ordered (I know I'm on a diet but it'll be my treat for the week!) and I feel a little better. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow as I'm meeting up with my girl friends on Saturday to swap Christmas presents and have a meal and I have a busy day planned for tomorrow, making them cupcakes as part of their gifts. I bought some lovely cake accessories from ebay super cheap and once I've made them I will upload photos of them and tell you the details for the bits that I bought in case anyone who reads this is a fan of baking.

As for the writing I plan to continue writing a story that I started months ago this weekend seeing as usually I'm writing so much for uni I don't really have the time to do it because I actually enjoy it. Very much looking forward to it and who knows... maybe the story will be finished in a few years.

I hope you're all managing to stay away from illness - it's times like this that it's nice having friends on the internet!

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