Monday, 19 December 2011

4lbs Lost!

Apparantly my little tactic is working! I've managed to lose 4lbs this week and now I'm wondering how much I can lose before Christmas day, and in fact before I go back to university; well I have a month off I may as well make the most of it and get some serious workouts done! Does anyone have a tip for getting through Christmas day? I'm considering going for a run early Christmas morning so that the big dinner I have hopefully won't do too much damage. Of course my blog is primarily about my writing and my life surrounding the writing so I won't be keeping a weight loss diary here. Maybe an odd mention here and there if I'm particularly proud of myself!

So as I mentioned, the tradition for us is that my partner cooks the Christmas dinner. He says that because I do most of the cooking throughout the year, he will do all the special occasions, including Christmas. I was a bit worried about this idea to say the least but I figured well he is offering, I have to at least let him try. A badly cooked Christmas dinner is better than one cooked by me, right? Well I don't have to worry about that anyway, last year he did a wonderful job and apart from a Toby carvery (god I love them!) I hadn't had a roast dinner so nice in a long time. Which means this year I'm just looking forward to getting my feet up and drinking wine while he does all the work. It's times like these I feel very lucky. I am wondering though whether to buy a dessert from the shops or to make my own? I'm a bit fussy with Christmas desserts and won't eat any of the traditional ones - I guess I'll have a look around and see what takes my fancy.

I met up with my wonderful girl friends over the weekend, had a meal, and swapped presents (but didn't open them!) which was really nice. I had a fairly small main course so I could go to town on dessert and had myself a chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of icecream which was just delicious! We decided to try to meet up for a meal and a chat every month and you can really tell we're starting to get "old". The choice of conversation being control pants and when to start our anti aging skin care regimes! Jo and Michaela are a few years older than myself and Loppy so they're starting to think about it all now whereas I have a couple of years left yet. Slapping a bit of anti aging moisturiser on your face between the ages of 25 and 30 is better than getting to 35/40 and realising we need to buy stuff to get rid of wrinkles. That's what we're going with anyway.

As for my writing I don't think it's going to get done this side of Christmas. The old republic is out which I'm really enjoying playing and when I'm not on there I'm either baking treats for friends and family or getting on the kinect for a workout. Once Christmas is over I will jump straight in and cure my boredom by getting some of my story written.

Here are the treats that I made for my girlfriends, the recipe I adapted from this blog (if you're into baking you have to press the follow button!) What I actually did was took the recipe for the gingerbread men from the Christmas section and then used them for cupcake toppers on top of the vanilla cupcake recipe. This is because although I like gingerbread one or two small bits is enough for me. They went down brilliantly and after having a sneaky taste of one they are definitely the best cupcakes I've ever made. I might even have to make some more because everyone's asking when they can have them again! They're going in my recipe book and I have a feeling my friends and family will be looking forward to these every Christmas from now on!


  1. That is awesome! My only tip for getting through Christmas day (besides running which is always a good idea) is to not skip any meals. Try a little of everything, but only take small portions that way you're not overdoing it :)

  2. yeah i was thinking that, maybe i'll have a big brunch full of fruit and low fat yoghurt, none of my family buy me anything sweet for christmas anyway so it will literally be the christmas dinner I have to get through :)

  3. Those look lush, I want! My cupcakes are always terrible :(

  4. They actually were pretty lush, and everyone was even happy with the gingerbread men too. I've found the trick is to make the cake mix quite wet and keep a good eye on them while theyre baking, it's better to take them out and put a knife through it and find out it's not quite done then bash them back in for a few minutes than end up with slightly burnt cakes x