Monday, 28 November 2011

Radio Play Update

So as I've said before, my dramatic writing assignment this semester is to write a radio play - and if it's good enough will actually have the chance to get it produced. The radio students need a script to make a radio play from and they will be choosing 5 or 6 scripts that my class has written to produce. Obviously I'm really hoping that mine gets chosen as one of the lucky few but  I'm not getting excited, in case it doesn't happen. I was worried about what people would think of it but today our lecture was to take in a hard copy of our scripts and pair up with a radio student and go through  it, and the girl I had really, really loved my play. She had to read through the entire thing to understand it and I was very nervous watching her sit there reading it with a poker straight expression on her face but the second she finished it, her head jumped up with a massive smile on her face and she declared "i love it!!". She understood it as well which was also lovely and my main fear was that nobody would "get it" as my writing tends to be a little odd to say the least. I'm hoping that it's this that will secure my play a spot in the production category but at the same time I worry that people might prefer to just pick up a normal story to produce. Time will soon tell but the feedback I got today was brilliant and also the girl I got paired up with is actually doing work experience at the BBC which is obviously a really good thing, so I took her opinion really seriously. The fact that someone actually really liked it is enough to make me really happy so I'm pleased but hopefully it's a step in the right direction to actually getting it made. We were also told today that the ones that do get produced they will be trying to actually get them out there for people to listen to and maybe even get them on the radio, if that happened it'd be just so amazing for my writing C.V and of course would make me the happiest person on earth! It's going to be a tense few weeks until I find out if it has been chosen or not!

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