Thursday, 24 November 2011

Been Busy Busy!

OK so I've had some personal issues to deal with which have now settled down and I am back to focus on my writing. I'm currently putting the finishing touches to my radio play ready for Monday - I need to have a finished hard copy ready to show to the radio production students and I am really, really hoping that they decide to produce mine. I'm really pleased with how it's looking so far and am also really happy with the idea that I came up with too. I'm planning on putting it up here at some point so that people can start to actually see what my writing is like! I'm focussing on getting this piece finished, seeing if it can be produced and then putting it up here once all that's done. I'm going to finish it off now and then grab myself some food. On a bit of a diet and tonight is one of my "naughty nights" but still it's only a half fat quiche and 3% fat oven chips... but still it's better than salad so I will very much enjoy it! Hope all my friends and writer friends are well and I'll be updating here again very soon, and of course once my writing is finished I'll be catching up on all my favourite blogs!

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