Sunday, 16 October 2011

Naughty naughty

OK I've been really really naughty and not updated this for absolutely ages. Well as of right now the break ends! I would love to say I've been really busy doing lots of uni work but sadly this isn't even the case. After doing nothing for weeks and weeks I've found getting back into the swing of uni a bit hard to say the least. But from now on I will be posting on here every few days like I did before, even if it is about utter crap and quite short.

So what shall we talk about today? I really badly want my hair cut! I'm just a bit scared to go have it done! I don't want to go to my usual hairdresser as she is ages away, and the only reason I went to her anyway is because work was close by, now she is a million years away and to be rather blunt I cannot be bothered to travel that far. So what's the problem why can't I just walk into any hairdressers? Because, where I live, is known for being rather expensive and I really don't want to have to spend a fortune to have my hair chopped. I've decided how I want it cut now I think. I was growing it but as usual, when I grow it it just gets to a point where it starts looking disgusting so I think I'm going to have a bob again. Maybe something like this:

I do love how Fearne is working this. Lets hope that I find a cheap enough but also good enough hairdressers fairly soon because I really feel like a change! So much so that I'm looking at piercings and tattoos. Getting a tattoo is obviously far too outrageous for me due to my horrible fear of needles but piercings I can put up with. I did have my belly button pierced twice and survived so anything else should be a walk in the park. So I was thinking maybe a little nose piercing. I think just a diamond in my nose would look quite pretty. So now to find somewhere to get pierced that isn't a tattoo parlour with big hairy men. Hmmm. It's definitely time for a bit of change in my life, even if it does just start with the hair and nose.

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