Saturday, 1 October 2011


I really need to work on posting more while I'm busy but it was my first week back to uni so I guess it's allowed! I have a kindle! yay! My lovely boyfriend bought it for me along with a gorgeous pink case with a light on it. The idea was to put all my uni books on it so i don't need to carry much to uni but that bubble was burst when we discovered the 2 biggest fattest books that I need aren't available on the kindle! Oh well! It's still gorgeous and reduces my "real" book collection by a lot and will help me to save money especially next year when I need books then as well. Also is quite helpful considering my flat is fairly small and now i can gain some space by chucking a few crappy old books out that I can now get on my kindle. I do love the smell of a new book and the feeling a book brings me, but at the same time, I feel that the plus side is much weighter than the minus. If anyone is a fan of reading and buys a lot of books they really need to consider buying one of these, and as for uni students, particularly english lit or creative writing, it is absolutely amazing. Go go, buy buy!!

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