Friday, 2 September 2011

Feeling inspired! & people going GAGA

So I have a few followers now and today I put some real effort into reading their blogs and looking at people who also follow my new followers! (there will be far too many uses of the word "follow" in this post.....) and oh my goodness there are 1. really lovely blogs around. Very nicely put together, thought out lovingly where people put down their inner thoughts and feelings... and 2. some really really good writers! It's amazing that some people put some of their work on their blogs where we can read and see what they're about and what they can produce and today I stumbled upon a lot of really lovely work and it has made me open up my documents folder and crack on with writing my story that I haven't touched for a few days. Definitely will be sitting at my desk writing over the weekend. Thanks to the people who put their work online, even if only snippets it's a really good way to inspire yourself by looking at what other people have produced. So yeah... will be continuing with my story for another 30 mins or so tonight and then some of the weekend :)

But if you know me at all you'll know this post isn't going to end there! I find something that annoys me almost daily and today it is peoples reaction to Lady Gaga who decided to dress up as a man for an awards ceremony. OK this isn't exactly normal behaviour for the average woman but since when has she been average? Never. I found lots of different blogs and reports online saying that she has finally gone "too far" by spending the whole evening pretending to be a man. I do not in any way understand why people are so shocked. In her new video for "You and I" (a really lovely song with a country kind of style that shows her vocal skills off very well) she dresses up in some weird outfits even including a mermaid... you know don't listen to me just watch it.

Listen to the song as well because it's really lovely! Anyway as you will see, she dresses up as many different characters through the whole video, one of them being a man. Gaga has also done some photoshoots dressed as this man... it is all just to promote her new video. Why are people so shocked by this? She clearly loves being able to dress up as and be whoever she wants to be and she has done this in every single one of her videos and not to mention when she wore a dress made out of meat to an awards ceremony... how is this more shocking than that? People on the internet have been saying she has taken it too far as dressing as a man is a bad role model for young girls. I would love these people to tell me when Lady Gaga has ever tried to appeal to young girls? Her albums are all about sex, fame and not to mention her videos that have come before like Telephone set in a women's prison. None of this cries out to me that she is trying to appeal to youngsters at all.

What Lady Gaga represents not just to me but also to loads of her fans is that you can wear and do whatever the hell you want as long as you feel happy with it and I do not understand how you can put a limit on this to be able to declare that "she has taken it too far". Something might not be right for you but that doesn't mean that others can't do it... We are afterall, individuals.


  1. Glad to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I agree that no one should be shocked by what Lady Gaga does (or Katy Perry for that matter) I really don't see how no one saw that coming.

  2. Lovely to meet you too and thanks for reading my post :) It's great to meet people who are on the same page.