Monday, 26 September 2011

1st day back to uni!!

And oh my goodness I am so tired! I forgot how much effort it is to walk the 40 minutes there, walk around campus all day and then walk 40 minutes back again. I should be losing a lot of weight very soon! So I'm a bit annoyed that they seem to have messed up one of my modules and put me on one for 3rd years??? But hopefully they will be able to change this for me and put me on the one that I wanted in the first place... anyway, I felt much better when I went to my first dramatic writing lecture of the year. My favourite module because, well, it's all about writing plays, which I love, and which I'm also rather good at. I would love for someone to like one of my plays enough to actually put it on... perhaps one day! Anyway that's kind of my point to this post. I'm actually incredibly excited about writing my assignment - I know right? What a freak! But once I've explained, it will make more sense! Basically, for my dramatic writing module this semester, the focus is entirely on radio plays. Plays that aren't acted out but that are spoken over the radio. Everyone's heard of the archers, right? I'm a bit daunted that I have to write an assignment in this format but also excited because the focus is entirely on needing really good, well written dialogue, which is my strong point apparently. At least that's what I was told last year! But the reaaally exciting part of all this is that once we have finished writing them, and handed them in to be graded, a select few of them will be picked out and actually produced. So this is not only a chance to put effort in and get a decent grade, but also to actually have the opportunity to have my work brought to life. It would definitely be a step up the writing ladder! So now I need to start thinking about what to write about and then crack on with trying to write it. There's some really good writers in my class, I just hope that what I come up with is good enough to contend!

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