Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Sims Social!

Oh my goodness! Yes, it's landed and I absolutely love it! I am such a massive fan of everything "The Sims" and when I saw The Sims Social announced I thought to myself hmmm seems a bit crap - a dumbed down version of a game that I really love? Will this work? Actually, it really does. Obviously it lacks a lot of what the "real" games do but the fact that anything you want you have to work at and ask your friends to help you get it means that the social aspect is what makes it work.

So in social you don't actually go out and get a job to earn your simoleons, you do things around the house to earn you xp and money and as you level up and up more things are unlocked for you to play with. I managed to level up several times and earn loads of money just by cutting the grass and clearing away all the rubbish from outside - cleverly placed there to get the ball rolling as you get used to the game.

The bars at the bottom of the screen tell you what your sim wants and when, and again there seems to be a massive importance placed on the social aspect, having to visit your neighbours regularly just to keep your sim in a good mood.

You can build new rooms onto your house and buy new furniture in the shop section but of course your friends need to send you a certain amount of materials per item until it is completely done, the same as in Farmville when you want to build your horses a stable but need 10 wooden boards etc to complete the job. I have also noticed that as you do daily things around your house like cook or take a shower you collect random objects which can then be made into a mood boosting item once you have collected them all:

A nice way of helping your sim stay happy and to keep you playing the game for longer. You can also make money by growing your own food in the garden or even by playing the guitar, depending on what traits you chose for your sim at the start (mine is creative).

I could go on and on about everything I have found so far but really you do need to just go and give it a go. It's a brilliantly addictive Facebook game that actually involves your friends like never before. The best aspect for me is that if you want to flirt or even (yes, I'm being serious) woohoo with one of your friends they will either have to accept or disagree to what you want. Yes it is virtual but the fact that your friends will know you have thought about it is surely awkward enough! EA are being clever by doing this, appealing to a whole new audience, gamers who only want to spend 30 minutes a day playing and also staying social with their friends while doing it.

Thank you EA for giving me yet another version of The Sims to play and love! This will be keeping me off Farmville.... if you haven't tried it out yet go and get on there now!

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