Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I Love Literature!

And yet I still can't help but read "chick lit" novels and trashy magazines... why is that? At uni we are taught to only read the "well written" novels, books that the average person will have never heard of. In my creative writing lectures we have to sit through our teacher telling us not to write like Dan Brown or J K Rowling etc... hell he even snorts and demeans the way that their books are written! And the subject matter thinking about it... and yet he is an old man who hhas been writing his entire life and has obviously never really got much success from it. How can writing be creative if you cannot write about what you want? Well, we can but that means we will not neccessarily be taken seriously by certain people and you know what... that's fine with me. I would much rather read and write books that make me feel emotions instead of looking down at the page and thinking hmmm yes, that is written well. Don't get me wrong, one of my favourite people in the whole entire world is Shakespeare - I am a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and I frequently go and watch performances in Stratford when I have the money to do so. The Turn Of The Screw is another that I love; a beautifully written eerie novella.... the list goes on. But I suppose my point is although we can enjoy the well written classics, we can also let our hair down and read books with less heavy substance.

I love reading, I don't see it as a chore like many people my age. I love the idea that a few words on a page can actually make me think and feel different emotions and I hope that one day I will also be successful in writing something that makes others do the same. That is my ultimate goal.

While it is still the summer (the weeks are disappearing quicker and quicker as the return date to uni looms) I have been reading some "chick lit" books and at the moment I am on "The Perfect 10" by Louise Kean. I have never picked up a book by this author before I just liked the look of it to be honest; light and fluffy... perfect for my summer. I was shocked when the first chapter detailed the abduction of a child in front of the heroins eyes. Not quite what I was expecting. But anyway I have only read 80 pages so far but I am genuinely really enjoying reading it. The main character is a 20 something woman who has lost an awful lot of weight but it still going... desperately trying to fit into a pair of size 10's before she can declare her weight loss "finished". I think I like this book so much because I too have been on diets and lost weight in the past and I totally understand everything she talks about. She mentions how all she has to do is look at an item of food and seconds later has worked out the exact calorie content. I can do that. I always thought it was normal behaviour until I met my boyfriend who was baffled by it. He started playing a game with himself, picking up a chocolate bar or a pork pie in the super market and making me guess the calories just by looking at it, shielding the wrapper from me. He still does it to this day, three years later and I am still getting 9/10 tries either right or scarily close to being so.

Anyway my point is that it's good to read books that we feel we have a connection with. It's wonderful coming across a character who seems to know everything about what you are going through or have been through and nobody should tell anyone what is "good literature" and what is "bad" for this reason.

Much love to all my friends reading and writing what they want to, not what they think they should

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