Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bare Minerals Bright and Beautiful set

I wanted to say a few words about this make up set that my Mum bought me for my birthday. I have used Bare Minerals before but mostly just the foundation and brushes.

The first thing that I will say about it is that the foundation that comes in the kit is absolutely massive. I had a smaller pot that actually lasted me over a year with frequent (but not always daily) use so I was over the moon when I saw the size of the one I was getting in this kit. It also has SPF15 in it and because of the soft mineral style of the foundation it never goes on cakey or thick and most importantly to me it never causes me to get spots like other, cheaper and especially liquid foundations do. The Prime Time Brightening foundation primer does exactly what it says on the tin, as well as leaving my face feeling soft and ready for foundation in just one quick spray. I simply pump once onto the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and quickly rub all over my face. It's wonderful putting make up on when it feels so good and kind to your skin as there's no worrying about what spots you're going to come across the next day due to thick make up!

The "vivacious" blush is yet again in a massive pot that I should think will last me forever, and if not forever it will certainly keep going for years. I was worried about putting this on when I first used it as I have very pale skin and if I put even slightly too much on the brush with other brands I always end up looking like a clown, but that doesn't happen in this case. I can put a decent amount on the brush and apply straight away. You learn how much is the right amount for you by starting off putting a small amount on and building up. This blush allows you to make the look right for yourself, if you only wanted a tiny amount on you can do this by applying a small amount and buffing onto your skin. It blends right the way down or up if you wanted a heavier night time look. I love this about this blush as I was using cheaper brands before and had to use different colours for different occasions. Now I can do everything with just one.

One of my favourite parts of the kit is the Prime Time Brightening eye lid primer. It really does keep all my eyeshadow in place for hours on end and gives a beautiful soft nudey golden shimmer. You can even wear this alone for a natural but bright eyed look. I like to apply it all the way up to my brows so that it works as a highlighter above my shadow once I put it on.

The eyeshadow that comes in the kit is a lovely dusky pink colour. I find that it works in the same way as the blush, If I apply a small amount it stays pink and fresh looking and blends down lovely, but if I want a darker more dramatic look (which I always do as I love playing up my eyes) I simply apply more and blend and it becomes a more purple plum colour which is gorgeous and very flattering. It also goes very well with the plum Big and Brightening eyeliner that comes in the kit. It's very creamy so goes on with no tugging, even on the upper lashes which I usually struggle to do with pencil eyeliners with other brands. I have quite sensitive eyes so it's a joy to find an eyeliner that I don't have to spend ten minutes applying. After two minutes if that both of my eyes are done and raring to go. The best aspect of this eyeliner is that it does not budge! I can wear it in the daytime and not need to worry about needing to apply it again every thirty minutes. This makes it a great one to wear to work, or actually anywhere that you will be busy.

The pink glittery lip gloss ties it all together into a completed sophisticated look. I shy away from colours on my lips as my eyes are always the focus of attention which suits me perfectly in this kit as the lip gloss is a barely there colour but gives an amazing amount of shine and glamour. For girls who like to show their lips off if you put a lipstick underneath this gives an amazing top coat and looks incredibly glamorous.

The only pieces that I use that are not bare minerals is a liquid concealer for bags under my eyes and mascara as I like my lashes to look very black and bold.

The kit comes with an eyeshadow brush with a smudge type brush on the other side which I will be treasuring. It's so hard to find decent brushes without paying mega money and the brushes I have got with my Bare Minerals kits soon became my favourite and easily the best brushes I have ever used.

I would not call Bare Minerals cheap but one kit really will last you such a long time that it is brilliant value for money. Personally I would rather spend a chunk of money in one go and know that I will not have to spend anymore for a long time (6 months - a year) than spend small amounts but end up needing to spend more every few weeks. I am a student with not much money at all and for me these kits are brilliant as I can get pretty much everything I need for a full face and not have to worry about replacing for, in my case a year or possibly even longer.

Because of how well these blend I would say they would suit any skin type and especially would suit girls who suffer from spots or bad skin because of how light they are. I tend to get spots from wearing make up but since using Bare Minerals I rarely ever get them now - only when my hormones are going crazy!

The best thing for me about Bare Minerals is I can go to uni looking natural but groomed and can blend more in for a night time look very easily. Also, it goes on so easily that it literally only takes me about ten minutes to have a completed full face of make up which for a student is great news - more time in bed before those early morning lectures!

That link will take anyone who is interested in Bare Minerals to the QVC page, they don't seem to have the kit I have reviewed here in stock but there are other kits listed that I will be looking into buying when my student loans come through. I absolutely love Bare Minerals and can't wait to add more to my collection!

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