Sunday, 19 June 2011

To compete or showcase?

Very unfortunately, Pole Unity, a massive event that has been run for years, has been cancelled. KT Coates the face of X pole and the organiser of unity announced via facebook that it was not only cancelled this year, but it would never be put on again.

As a pole enthusiast, I was shocked and upset to discover this news, but even more so once I read KT's post fully. Pole Unity was all about getting the pole commnity together and celebrating their shared love of this art and exercise. Pole students and teachers would flock, everyone putting on their own performance that would last a few minutes. It was not a competition. Everyone was a winner. Pole Unity was all about having fun, meeting new people and socialising with people who understand your love. Unfortunately, the organisers of a pole dancing competition, Miss Pole Dance UK, decided it would be a good idea to go head to head with Pole Unity and book their event for the same day, and in the same city nonetheless. MPD won the battle and KT Coates had to back down with tears in her eyes, admitting defeat, and cancelling her show and event.

I find it hard to decide how I feel about this, I want to blame all the girls who were buying MPD tickets instead of PU but when I stopped to think about it, I realised the issue was much more complex than I first thought. What would I do? I asked myself. If I had the choice of attending a fun event, having a blast then going home later that evening and falling asleep with a smile on my face, or, all that and more. The possibility of being made a winner and being offered prizes, possibly even cash. To be told that I am the best in the country at what I love doing. You don't need to be a pole enthusiast to understand. Almost any hobby or competitive sport can be put into the mix. Say you were a singer and you had the choice of just having a laugh and showing what you can do to a room full of like minded people or you can go on stage, compete against others in an exciting environment and at the end of it get told that you are the best.

It is unfortunate that a nice event that showcases talent should have to be called off but I don't blame those girls for choosing to compete instead. It is when these things happen that you realise that even if we do have a shared love, we are never really working together towards them. We will always try and do the best for ourselves in life and choose the option in which we can benefit the most from. I believe this shows guts and determination and I wish all those competing in the Miss Pole Dance competition this year good luck. Lets hope they have the best year yet and find some brilliant talent as it has come at a high cost.

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