Sunday, 12 June 2011

First Post

OK, so I've tried blogging before and didn't keep up with it but I'm going to try again and start over with this little beauty! The aim this time is going to be for me to sit here and type things out to myself as I debate what to write about and how to do it. I may also post about interesting things that I've seen in relation to my own interests.

I'm not going to write like a diary and post about what I did today - that would a lot of the time be very boring to start with and secondly this is just going to be a place for me to write down my thoughts about my written work, other written work too and try to work out what to do with my life.

I mainly decided to start writing this stuff down because I tried lying down on my bed to think about what to write and ended up falling asleep for a few hours.... not good! Hopefully this place will work better for me.

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